Capaxa LLC

What is Capaxa LLC? Capaxa LLC is a trust is specifically designed to assist institutions in selling their interests within Collateral Assignment Split Dollar (CASD) plans before the insured’s passing, effectively lowering their duration risk.

Why Capaxa?

For years, institutions have faced the challenge of offloading older CASD plans, recognizing the inherent need but lacking a viable solution. The Capaxa LLC trust emerged to fill this critical gap in the marketplace, offering a groundbreaking approach that was previously unavailable.

Our Unique Solution

Capaxa’s solution not only creates a supply of CASD plans but also ensures a healthy balance of supply and demand within the market. This dual approach guarantees that institutions can efficiently manage and divest their CASD interests, mitigating risks and enhancing financial stability.

Proven Success

The trust is backed by a robust pool of over $1 billion in life insurance-based assets, demonstrating the strength and reliability of our platform. By using the Capaxa LLC trust, institutions gain access to a trusted partner dedicated to optimizing their financial strategies and reducing risk.

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