Bradley Atkins

Chief Executive Officer

Bradley Atkins founded Modern Capital with a bold vision for financial services solutions. As Modern Capital’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of its Board of Directors, he is responsible for firm-wide management. 

Mr. Atkins has over 20 years of experience in investment strategy and wealth management in retail and institutional sectors. Mr. Atkins views the financial services business as an opportunity for learning and developing financial representatives and clients, with alpha as the tangible byproduct of putting knowledge into action. As a serial entrepreneur in the financial services industry, Bradley has created Modern Capital to envision a company in which multi-generational wealth creation opportunities expand beyond the mega-wealthy to become accessible to the everyday retail investor. 

Prior to founding the firm, Bradley acquired Liberty Partners Financial Services, LLC, a comprehensive financial services firm offering broker-dealer, investment advisory and practice management services. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Atkins was responsible for firm-wide management to its nationwide field of financial services professionals. Prior to this, Mr. Atkins built and lead the South Carolina Office of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance as President and General Agent.