Bradley Atkins

Chief Executive Officer

Bradley Atkins founded Modern Capital with a bold vision for financial services solutions. As Modern Capital’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of its Board of Directors, he is responsible for firm-wide management. 

Mr. Atkins has over 20 years of experience in investment strategy and wealth management in retail and institutional sectors. Mr. Atkins views the financial services business as an opportunity for learning and developing financial representatives and clients, with alpha as the tangible byproduct of putting knowledge into action. As a serial entrepreneur in the financial services industry, Bradley has created Modern Capital to envision a company in which multi-generational wealth creation opportunities expand beyond the mega-wealthy to become accessible to the everyday retail investor. 

Prior to founding the firm, Bradley acquired Liberty Partners Financial Services, LLC, a comprehensive financial services firm offering broker-dealer, investment advisory and practice management services. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Atkins was responsible for firm-wide management to its nationwide field of financial services professionals. Prior to this, Mr. Atkins built and lead the South Carolina Office of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance as President and General Agent.

Dan Shanahan

Executive Vice President

Daniel Shanahan is the Executive Vice President of Modern Capital and is responsible for the retail division of the firm. 

Mr. Shanahan is a founding member of the firm and brings over 20 years of experience in retail financial services to its leadership team. He joined Modern Capital to advance his vision of enabling financial advisors and agents with an entrepreneurial spirit like his own to expand their businesses by providing the resources of a large advisory firm without the limitations and constraints that are common to traditional firms today. He views compliance, technologies, top-tier products, back-end support systems and the financial strength of Modern Capital as a unique opportunity within the financial services industry for the modern advisor and agent. 

Prior to joining Modern Capital, Mr. Shanahan was President and General Agent at Massachusetts Mutual North Carolina for over six years, where he helped to grow and develop the branch by providing guidance and support to financial services representatives seeking to expand their businesses. As an entrepreneur himself, Mr. Shanahan is also the President and Managing Partner of a portfolio of independent financial services companies specific to the retail sector where he utilizes his management expertise across the spectrum of retail finance.

Edward Royall, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Ed Royall, CPA is the Chief Financial Officer of Modern Capital and oversees all aspects of the firm’s finances. 

Mr. Royall is a founding member of the firm and brings a quality financial management focus to all firm activities including managing funds accounting, business unit control, portfolio finance and financial management of firm acquisitions. 

Mr. Royal brings a deep experience in accounting and finance to the firm. Before joining Modern Capital, Mr. Royal was the Vice President of Project Finance for Southern Current, a sustainable energy solution services company in the private sector with nationwide clients, where he oversaw the financing of sustainable energy solutions from project development through engineering, construction, maintenance, financing and asset management. Prior to this, Mr. Royall worked as Senior Manager at Elliott Davis, a public accounting firm which specializes in complex business issues, providing the full spectrum of services in the areas of tax, auditing, assurance and consulting. Edward also previously served as Chief Operating Officer at Massachusetts Mutual South Carolina, overseeing all aspects of the firm’s operations and finances. Mr. Royall is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Accounting from the College of Charleston.

Kristof Wild

Interim Head of Product

Kristof Wild is the Interim Head of Product at Modern Capital and is responsible for the ongoing development of financial products and technologies, with emphasis on integrating solutions that aim to generate sustainable alpha for investors and maximize user experience across the firm.

Mr. Wild brings a diverse experience of financial strategy, advisory and development to Modern Capital. Prior to joining the firm, he developed and managed a macro currency trading platform to trade individual funds across currency and commodity markets, utilizing a systematic step trading approach to risk management. Prior to this, Mr. Wild served as Head of US Equity Allocation at UBS Investment Bank in Zurich for the specialist advisory team, where he developed and managed financial products for the Client Advisory portfolio. Previously, Kristof was employed at Deutsche Bank as a part of the Wealth Advisory Mandate team.

In addition to Modern Capital, Mr. Wild owns and operates the Beryll Swiss Family Advisory family office in Zurich, Switzerland specializing in the use of AI in risk management. Mr. Wild also served as a Lieutenant in the United States Army in the areas of weapons and tactics for a Stryker Infantry Combat Brigade. Mr. Wild earned his Masters in Quantitative Finance at Westminster Business School in the United Kingdom, and his Bachelor of Arts in Business and Finance from London Metropolitan University. He speaks English, Spanish and German.


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