A Modern Approach to Individual and Institutional Financial Services.

Self-manage or work directly with one of our wealth managers. Our approach to wealth creation is holistically focused on the right portfolio of untapped opportunities and public market models, with laser focus on risk-adjusted alpha.

Our vertical integrations and experience lend to a novel approach for your portfolio management such as tax efficient investing, institutional investment opportunities for retail investors and quant driven models designed to actively beat the rapidly evolving markets.

Finally, wealth management that is simplified through technology. An app that allows you to track your investment account alongside your other bank accounts, so wealth management for you as an investor is made simple. Even take your own active or passive investing strategies, working alone or learning from one of our advisors.

Businesses are the backbone of our economy, and therefore deserve a modern approach to capitalization. Institutional growth creates job growth, which in turn leads to economic growth. 

Traditional banking approaches to capitalization use traditional methods. We believe there are better ways to unlock alpha for investors while speeding the growth of institutions so that everyone benefits. 

Modern models for all stages of growth: from credit to venture to IPO and beyond.

Leading Technologies With Leading People.

We can tell you about the complexities if you like. We prefer to just show you our results. 

Inspired, process-driven, tested and integrated strategies. Uniquely customized, yet standard in that we are constantly testing and improving every model with the speed of evolution.

What We Do

Bringing extraordinary opportunities to ordinary people is the only way to create truly sustainable finance in the United States of America. Wealth that sustains individual Americans and their families, their communities, our environment and the world.

Our Mission Is Simple

If the Harvard Endowment Fund walked into a financial services firm, how would they be treated differently to the average American, and how can we change this for the better? 

This is the question we ask ourselves every day, and it is visible in everything we do.

Technology & Innovation

Technologies should make life easier. Decrease friction.

Because in the absence of making our lives easy, technology for its own sake is of little use. Thoughtful investment strategies that keep pace with the financial opportunities of today deserve a backbone of easy solutions across fintech, data analytics, mobile first experience, communication and other innovations that speed toward the future. Modern Capital provides the platforms that set forth the ability to create the thoughtfulness of now.

Innovation is just a keen look at what is coming and what is here today. As our technologies evolve, so does Modern Capital. The Modern Cap App is a user-friendly dashboard that is continuously evolving to ease the lives of our wealth managers, investors and institutions.



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