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According to Cerulli Associates, RIAs spend over 50% of their time on client facing activities.  The remaining half is spent on potentially non-productive, but urgent issues such as compliance, service, operations and portfolio management.

Modern Capital has designed its model platform with the specific intent of solving the scalability issues many relationship-based  independent advisors face.  By outsourcing portfolio management to Modern Capital, you can focus on servicing your clients, generating new introductions and growing your practice, while we do the heavy quantitative work which drains many advisors.  

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Drive your practice growth strategy

We offer the institutional framework of portfolio management with best in class access to data, portfolio construction, risk management and reporting.  Our infrastructure is built to support our 40s Act mutual fund, it is very robust.

Advisors and clients set the risk category and financial objectives of the client, we provide the asset allocation strategy and trade operations necessary to align risk and outcome.

Advisors have the benefit of keeping their investment accounts actively managed while being able to focus on growing their business.

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Purpose Driven Models

Our in-house managed models and funds serve as the portfolio management solution for advisors looking to outsource the investment management function of their practice while offering a lower cost, well diversified approach to meeting client objectives.  Our models are available across multiple risk categories for both taxable and tax favored accounts.



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