A Modern Approach for the Modern Professional and Modern Client

Self-manage or work directly with one of our wealth managers. Our approach to wealth creation is holistically focused on the right portfolio of untapped opportunities and public market models, with laser focus on risk-adjusted return.

Our technology integrations expand into everything we do, laying the foundation for seamless service, operating leverage and personalized portfolio management solutions. Our diverse team of experienced professionals leverage our technology to deliver specialized service across a broad array of financial problems from planning, investing and account opening. We have institutional quality custodians which continue to work with us in partnership to offer such products and services such as tax efficient investing, institutional investment opportunities for retail investors and quant driven models which can lead to a higher investment return over time.

Finally, wealth management is a practice that continues to evolve with many institutions and professionals offering high levels of service and we intend to continue evolving with the rate of change, we see the the current landscape as ripe for disruption, but we never want to lose sight of what’s truly important, you as the advisor, client and person. Trust, from our brokers, advisors, clients and staff is the most important asset we have and something we hold to believe is timeless that technology will never be able to supplant. 

Drive your digital wealth journey

We partner with multiple custodians to ensure we deliver the full suite of financial service experiences, whether that be someone looking to self-serve using automated portfolio solutions like ROBO-advising to someone looking for an institution that can handle the broad range of banking and investment activities. 

Our wealth professionals, advisors and partners are committed to providing you with the tools and information needed to aid you in making smart financial choices. 

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Product Agnostic and Purpose Driven

The investment products and services we allow for distribution are designed to serve a purpose beyond generating a commission or fee, we want our clients to know that we only offer the highest caliber investment solutions and products to be offered by our financial professionals and advisors. Whether it be income generation, asset protection, accumulation and growth or complex structures for tailored goals and objectives we vet all carriers, providers and third party managers extensively. Performance driven products are nice, but we value the trust and relationship of our clients above anything else.  

Who We Are

We are broker/dealer and fee-based advisory firm focused on providing institutional asset management services with the intent to deliver risk/adjusted returns across our managed models and mutual fund products.  

Our Mission

To offer institutional levels of investment services augmented and enhanced by our technology platform to our clients, it’s that simple. If the Harvard Endowment Fund walked into a financial services firm, how would they be treated differently to the average American, and how can we change this for the better? 

This is the question we ask ourselves every day, and it is visible in everything we do.

Technology & Innovation

Technologies should make life easier. Decrease friction.

Because in the absence of making our lives easy, technology for its own sake is of little use. Thoughtful investment strategies that keep pace with the financial opportunities of today deserve a backbone of easy solutions across fintech, data analytics, mobile first experience, communication and other innovations that speed toward the future. Modern Capital provides the platforms that set forth the ability to create the thoughtfulness of now.

Innovation is just a keen look at what is coming and what is here today. As our technologies evolve, so does Modern Capital. The Modern Cap App is a user-friendly dashboard that is continuously evolving to ease the lives of our wealth managers, investors and institutions.

Our Technology Offering


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